A Non-Material variation in the plan to create a climbing centre in Lochgelly has been lodged with Fife Council.

The proposal is for the erection of a rear extension to the former St Andrews Church, in Bank Street, to form a climbing centre.

Architect Jennifer Rooney submitted to the council: "We would like to request a non-material variation for the project. I have attached the relevant

drawings. We have retained the concept of an interesting geometric shape, however, have squared off the top edge due to buildability issues forming the shape shown previously.

"In addition, we are proposing a more consistent approach to the cladding using Euroclad Vieo and Brett Martin Clickfix. This is due to budget, and buildability, however, we feel that it should not change the original concept as a variation in colours will distinguish the two volumes as before. We note that confirmation of materials and colours was also covered within the planning conditions."