RESIDENTS at Benore Care Home, in Lochore, celebrated the 100th birthday of one of its most musical residents!

One theme through Rena Mooney's life has been her love of music and for her centenary didn't disappoint as Dysart Band came to play for her!

Rena was brought up in Paisley, but lived for many years in Hamilton after her husband's job as a music teacher took them to the town's academy.

After her health deteriorated several years ago she came to live at Benore, to be nearer to her daughter Alison.

A bit of adventure even her later years, Rena learned how to drive in her 60s after husband died not long after he retired.

Alison said: "Her car was her pride and joy!

"It was quite an achievement when you're in your 60s!

"She would drive all over visiting her friends and family so it was quite hard when she had to give it up.

"Long age must be in her genes as both of her parents lived well into their 80s!"

Not just old age but music runs through Rena's veins too - her father was a tenor in the coral union, she met her husband in a choir, her daughter sang opera and her grandchildren are also musicians in Dysart band!

"Mum played piano and she accompanied dad who was the conductor of a choir and they travelled all over," Alison added.

Peter died in 1983 and the couple were married for over 40 years after marrying in 1941.

Her family live in Fife as well as Ireland. She has two daughters, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.