THE lovely Fairy Wood created by young children at Lochore Meadows Country Park has attracted the attention of vandals.

Lochore man, Derek Davidson, who inspired more than 100 children from the Benarty area to create the fairy doors through their own art skills, was down the park on Sunday and disappointed with what he saw.

He said on the Benarty Matters Facebook page: "Wee bit disappointed tonight as just back from a walk at Fairy Wood only to find a few of the doors ripped off the trees including the one in the picture. There was also approximately ten teenagers who got a fire going in there. Makes you wonder if it’s worthwhile".

But Derek was given wholesale support to keep up his good work by posters.

Michelle Moon said: "This is absolutely disgusting, it does make you wonder if it is worthwhile doing. Older kids just can’t see happy things happen in the community, people put so much effort and time in to this to see wee kids' faces smile so happy then you have older kids doing this, makes you so mad."

Lorna Minns added: "Keep going Derek ...don't let idiots get you down...your ideas are great for our wee community."

Eddie Easson agreed: "It’s very sad Derek, sadly this happens all the time. They couldn’t give a jot for hard work by others. Don’t let this get to you down. If you stop doing what you are doing then the cretins have won".

And MaryAnn Clarke contributed: "Absolutely raging about this. One of the good things to come out of lockdown for Benarty families was this. All the hard work and effort. I hope it's a one off, to be honest so unfair for all".