RESIDENTS of Cowdenbeath's Johnston Park housing estate are very unhappy at the quality of grass cutting being done by Fife Council.

The estate is partly adopted by the council for upkeep of roads and paths but as yet is not fully taken on board by the local authority.

However, the council does cut the grassed areas and also looks after the smaller stretches of grass, but a couple of problems have cropped up as the growing season has got into full swing.

Said one unhappy resident: "The work done by the guy with the sit-on mower is pretty well OK, apart from the edges which are very untidy.

"Then we have other bits which seem to be half cut and here are other edges which have huge weeds sticking out of them.

"To be honest it is all very untidy which is a bit in keeping with the way things have been going over the past couple of years. At times we are the forgotten land."

The council's grass cutting teams have been having to operate under unusual circumstances, as an official explained.

John O’Neil, Team Manager - Parks, Streets and Open Spaces - City of Dunfermline, South West Fife & Cowdenbeath Areas, said: “As a result of Covid-19 our regular grass cutting schedule was put on hold.

"Once we were given approval to start essential grass-cutting again we did so based on the areas that we know are used the most.

“As things return to normal, over the coming months, we’ll speak with local members and the community about the areas they think we should deal with in order or priority, according to the resources available.”

Councillor Darren Watt commented: "Such grass verges and bankings are deemed as non-essential at this time.

"Ultimately these areas are unable to be cut back and maintained as normal because of a number of staffing issues such as no seasonal staff, loss of some charge hands, and a general reduction to the overall staff because they are either caring for dependents, shielding or unwell themselves.

"I will liaise with senior officers and the local team and seek feedback about when they anticipate a return to normal duties and when such overgrown grass bankings can be tackled".