COWDENBEATH MSP Annabelle Ewing has been in touch with Police Scotland and Fife Council regarding concerns about the numbers of people visiting Aberdour’s beaches during the recent fine spell of weather.

Aberdour is within the five mile restrictions of the Cowdenbeath area, currently imposed on travel by Government guidelines.

Speaking on Friday Ms Ewing said: “As we head into another weekend I have been in touch with both Police Scotland and Fife Council highlighting concerns that have been expressed about the number of people visiting Aberdour’s beaches.

“If the weather is good this weekend then I can quite understand why many people will want to make for the beach but I also entirely appreciate the concerns of many local residents about the prospect of large numbers failing to maintain proper social distancing and the potential for large amounts of waste being left behind as has been seen in other places".

Ms Ewing added: “The local Inspector has assured me, on behalf of Police Scotland, that it is their intention to increase police visibility within Aberdour’s beach areas and I have expressed to the Council my concern about the expansion of provision of parking before the re-opening of public toilet facilities.

“I urge people to remember, firstly, that the five mile restriction on travel for leisure purposes does not get lifted until July 3, and secondly, that just because we are permitted to go somewhere does not mean that we must. If a place looks like it is getting busy - stay away, there will be other opportunities for a day at the beach.

“The figures for infection rates in Scotland are going in the right direction and if that continues we will be able to proceed through the stages out of lockdown but if we jump the gun and do not take care then we could find things going backwards and restriction that are being lifted might have to be re-imposed.

“Nobody wants to see that happen, so let’s all do what we can to follow the guidance, act sensibly, and ensure that we can continue with this positive progress.”