THREE amazing cyclists are taking on a mighty challenge this Sunday and Lochgelly woman Janet Kerr is determined to succeed in raising money for the Cure Parkinson's Trust

Janet, Kirsteen Ross and Sturt Robb are cycling over Falkland Hill (over and back, counts as 1), no fewer than 8.5 times!

Grandmother to four Janet said: "Stuart and I have Parkinson’s and whilst we were disappointed the Alpine Raid (cycling from Geneva to Nice) was cancelled, we are happy to try our best to participate in this event (which is the equivalent of Day 1.) It really has highlighted the enormity of the task in hand.

"I am being supported by fellow hill-billy, my amazing friend, Kirsteen Ross, who not only wanted to support me but wanted to see what she is capable of.

"It’s hard to believe that Stuart had a hip replacement at the beginning of the year and I myself have been diagnosed with FND, on top of the Parkinson’s. That’s why replicating Day 1, of what would have been the Alpine Raid, is going to be a massive challenge for us but we have to do our bit to raise funds to help find a cure to stop, slow or reverse the fastest growing neurological condition of our time".

Added Janet: "Unfortunately, our cycling buddy Leona is unable to take part but it’s thanks to her, this was made possible. Although, we may not be thanking her on the 28th!

"We are taking on CPT's "Raid Local" this June: a unique multi-participant event for socially-distanced times. It involves cycling a distance of at least 137km with a gruelling 3,700m vertical ascent in one day, on my local roads, and for us, it’s 8.5 times over and back Falkland Hill, all to raise money for a fantastic charity, The Cure Parkinson's Trust.

"In these COVID-19 times, CPT needs donations more than ever. They receive no Government funding and rely on challenge events to support their cutting-edge research. In 2020, 95% of CPT's events have been cancelled, so our support really matters now.

"Parkinsons is a devastating progressive neurological condition. Any of us could get it, disrupting movement and taking away everything we take for granted. By donating to my Raid Local page, you will help to fund CPTs research with potential to slow, stop or reverse Parkinson's."

This means 10+ hours in the saddle for Janet and her two friends.

And to support their charity effort click on