THE amazing artistic skills shown by children in the Benarty area in creating fairy doors to be placed in Lochore Meadows Country Park in May, is to go a stage further.

Derek Davidson, the Lochore man who came up with the idea to create the art project for youngsters, has been encouraged with the reaction from the public of the district to what occurred when well over 100 fairy doors were created with some lovely artwork.

However, he has pointed out that to take things forward they will have to abide by some basic rules.

This week he announced on the Benarty Matters Facebook page: "Ok folks a meeting was held in Fairy Wood to discuss various items. It has been agreed that in order to go forward we must abide by a few rules.

"We have sought expert advice and are happy with the outcome. Our number one aim is to protect wildlife, flora and fauna as well as making this enjoyable for the children. We have lots of plans for Fairy Wood ahead so please help us make this work.

"No glass items allowed. We can’t have kids where broken glass can be present. No small plastic items such as beads. They look good but the birds or small animals may pick them up and we wouldn’t like to see any choke. No nailing of items to the trees as steel nails/staples cause severe damage to the tree trunks".

Derek added: "We have permission to fasten wooden fairies up at height out of harm's way. These we will hand out to kids in the near future to design and return for our next competition.

"Feel free to make items out of biodegradable materials, such as lolly pop sticks, pine cones, wood etc and lay paths, fences etc. These are great for the tiny bug life in the wood. "Some kids have been making wooden camps from fallen branches and they look great as well as being a haven for wildlife. We have great plans for Fairy Wood in the near future so please help us abide by these few rules to keep all safe.

"We will allow one week for people to lift any glass or plastic items that may be deemed unsuitable and then we will remove them and place them at the centre where they will be binned after a few days if unclaimed. "Everyone has worked so hard for this to happen and we rely on the support from the community to make Fairy Wood an iconic landmark".