A LOCKDOWN baby made her entrance so quickly into the world that she was born in a lift at the Victoria Hospital!

Macy Adsley's mum Danielle Ford (Beattie) was first told by staff at the Vic to go home, but not long after arriving back in Cowdenbeath, she needed to go back to the maternity ward.

When driving past Kirkcaldy retail park with her mum her waters broke and just six minutes later Macy was in her arms!

Danielle, 25, told the Times: "The first time I was in the ward my waters hadn't broken so I was sent home.

"I mustn't have been back 15 minutes when I told my mum that I needed to get back and I knew that I was in labour.

"By the time we got to the retail park my waters had broken and I could feel I needed to push.

"If it was wasn't for mum going through two red lights I would have had her in the car!

"We got to the Co-op at the Vic and I couldn't stop myself as I had the urge to push and I felt her head coming out.

"The nurses met me at the maternity doors with a cot and wheelchair was and I had to sit tilted so I didn't squash Macy!

"We got into the lift and she was born into my trousers! It was a total nightmare!"

Macy was born on the day lockdown started on March 23 at 4.13pm weighing 7lb 11ounces.

Due to the coronavirus, her dad didn't get to meet her until the next day!

Danielle added: "I'd spoken to Stuart in the car so he thought we were winding him up when I spoke to him on FaceTime just six minutes later!

"The nurse apologised and said she really didn't think I was in labour but I had my eldest daughter Evah with no pain relief so I just knew that it would happen quickly!

"She said I had been so calm at my visit so didn't recognise me when I was coming out of the car.

"There were people outside of the Vic so I'm just glad it was in the lift with a little bit of privacy.

"I went in the lift at level zero and by level one I had a baby! I'm glad I told to my mum just drive!"

Concluded Danielle: "She's actually a charge nurse at the hospital but I think it's different when it's your own child!

"She was just trying to drive and concentrate while speaking to the ward on the phone.

"So yes my daughter definitely gave me a lockdown to remember!"