PROBLEMS with dog fouling in Cowdenbeath is starting to annoy residents and dog owners are reminded that they can be fined for not cleaning up after their pet and even the garden of senior citizens' homes have not escaped.

Cowdenbeath Community Council's Facebook Page has been inundated with posts from unhappy people at what has been happening over the past few weeks.

Ross Ratcliffe stated: "Loads of poo lying at the side of paths and in the middle of the paths, it only takes two seconds to pick it up".

Carol Davis observed: "The paths are getting worse, what is wrong with people!!"

Dona Henderson commented: "It is very bad round Union Street ..the front lawns of elderly people's houses are covered."

And William Biv Herd pointed out what dog owners should be doing: "Your despicable if you don't take it home or put it in the appropriate bin."

The fixed penalties for dog fouling is £80.