THE Covid-19 global pandemic is a major historical event - an extraordinary time which will be examined and studied in the future.

A new project started by ONFife, the organisation which runs Lochgelly Centre and the local libraries, aims to create a permanent archive of people’s experiences. Called Fife in Lockdown, the archive will be a resource for future research, learning and exhibition.

Collections Team Leader, Gavin Grant, explained: “We hope to collect a wide range of responses from people from across all parts of Fife. It could be a diary you have written, photographs taken of rainbow signs or a video made of the Thursday clapping for carers, for example.

“We appreciate this is a very difficult, and even heart-breaking time for so many, but we would like to make people aware of the project so we can fully reflect how people in Fife experienced and lived through the pandemic.

“Please email us at and we can let you know more about it and how you can contribute material.”

A survey asking about people’s experiences has also been set up by ONFife and results from that will be included in the final archive. The survey is anonymous, and can be found at

The project is part of ONFife’s #ShineOnFife campaign which has been taking services online and emphasising that while doors to the libraries, theatres, museums, galleries and archives are closed, ONFife is still very much open.