A YOUNG family were shocked when they visited the land art project at St Ninians only to find vandals had been trying to set fire to wooden structures at the site but worse, youngsters were buzzing around the site on quadbikes.

The mum and dad from Cowdenbeath had regularly passed the site on the M90 but had never visited the project which saw a vast area of land damaged by opencast coaling turned into parkland, with a couple of water feature,s but they went up there with their two young children to pay a visit

Said the mum: "We thought we should have a look and it is nice open area with a number of lovely features but we were concerned to find someone had been trying to set light to some of the woodwork which had caused charring.

"There were also some youngsters with quadbikes and they were racing around the area were were at which was a little bit alarming for our children."

Cowdenbeath and Kelty councillor Darren Watt commented: "I'm saddened and disappointed to hear of the damage caused at St Ninian's. I initially thought the recent strong winds were to blame, however, with evidence of attempted fire raising, it's likely this is a wilful attack at one of our beloved local attractions.

"The area has such significant history for many people and although there's been a lot of regeneration on the site, it's glorious potential is yet to be fully reached.

"I hope this incident doesn't put off local people and visitors. We're blessed to have so many wonderful open spaces on our doorstep and it's a real shame a mindless few try to ruin it for the rest of us."

His colleague, Councillor Alex Campbell, said: "This really is not good at all.

"This is an attraction which allows people to enjoy the recent good weather with plenty of space for social distancing but for vandals to be trying to set fire to wood structures is really unacceptable.

"Also for visitors to the site to be find themselves with young people buzzing around on quad vehicles is not only dangerous but would be frightening for children.

"I have spoken with the local police team and they are going to be carrying out increased patrols at the site."