THE Scottish Government must have powers to intervene is a care home is struggling with coronavirus causing deaths of residents.

At a meeting of the Scottish Parliament’s COVID-19 Committee, during which they debated amendments to the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No 2) Bill, Cowdenbeath MSP Annabelle Ewing spoke on amendments which will enable the Scottish Government to make a swift intervention in the running of a care home, in certain circumstances.

There has been considerable concern expressed by MSPs on the number of coronavirus deaths in care homes.

Speaking after the meeting, Ms Ewing said: “While it should be stressed that the vast majority of our care homes are well run and provide excellent standards of care, these amendments are nevertheless important.

"The provisions they make would put it beyond doubt that health boards and local authorities could seek to purchase a failing care home.

“In the context of this current pandemic, these emergency powers are patently necessary, proportionate and appropriate".

Ms Ewing added: "These are also an appropriate safeguard, not only because of their scope and the prescribed conditions that they set out, but also, crucially, because of the Government’s power to intervene in the running of a care home.

“Because these are emergency provisions, they are time limited and, rightly, decisions made under them can be appealed, but I am happy to be supporting such important amendments which, I am certain, will provide much needed reassurance to the public.”