FIFE Conservatives, including Cowdenbeath councillor Darren Watt, have called on Fife Council and FRS, its subsidiary, to keep the public as informed as soon as possible on its plans to re-open Recycling Centres.

Council Group leader, Dave Dempsey, said: “Other Scottish Councils are publishing details. South Ayrshire’s website says ‘Our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) will re-open on Monday 1 June at 8.00am’, while Fifers are still in the dark.

"We know that plans are being prepared. The officials need to tell the public asap.

“Because Recycling Centres have been shut for so long, on the pretext that trips to them are non-essential, there’s a huge pent up demand and potential for chaos when reopening finally happens. Will all sites reopen at the same time? Will there be restrictions on who can go where? How might the public be encouraged to wait a little longer where they can, to avoid long traffic jams?

“There’s a skip-load of unanswered questions. If other councils can publish detailed information, what’s keeping Fife?"

Fife Council have pointed out that there will be announcements and these will include online booking opportunities which will involve both the Cuddyhouse Road and Cartmore facilities.