YOU'LL have to book a slot online when recycling centres re-open while Fife Council's environment spokesman says there is no excuse for the "mindless acts of illegal dumping" during lockdown.

Councillor Ross Vettraino, who said there are arrangements in place for sites to be operational in "two-to-three weeks", took aim at the "environmental vandals" who have been fly-tipping their rubbish across the Kingdom.

He fumed: "In this time of crisis when both the council and the community at large, by their combined efforts, are enabling the continued delivery of essential services, it beggars belief that there are those who see fit to abuse the environment by committing mindless acts of illegal dumping.

"It has been said to me that it is one of the consequences of closing the recycling centres but there is no excuse whatsoever for such environmental vandalism and the people who do so are no more than environmental vandals."

Recycling centres closed at the end of March due to the coronavirus outbreak and council leaders from across Scotland agreed to plan for re-opening on June 1, as long as the Government's medical advice says it is safe to do so.

However, there is a fear that will lead to queues and blocked roads with motorists eager to get rid of a build-up of household waste.

Robin Baird, the chief operating officer of Fife Resource Solutions, who manage Fife Council’s recycling services, responded: "There will be a number of measures in place to ensure social distancing and traffic safety including a booking system and limited acceptable materials."

There are 11 recycling centres across Fife including two large sites, at Lochhead north of Dunfermine and Ladybank, and smaller facilities such as Cuddyhouse Road at Cowdenbeath, and Cartmore in Lochgelly.

The public will be informed of re-opening dates and Cllr Vettraino, convener of the environment and protective services committee, said: "The council understands these are extremely challenging times for very many people, but the council’s top priority is to ensure that both the community at large and the council’s staff are kept safe."

He said residents should continue to use the kerbside recycling service for "as much household waste as possible" and warned against fly-tipping, which could land the perpetrator with a £200 fine.

And he added: "This is not the time to be generating additional waste, by clearing out attics or garages and then dumping the waste illegally.

"This is the time for each of us to do whatever we can to help the council to continue to deliver the high quality of services that we all enjoy in Fife."

Green MSP Mark Ruskell said, “I’m very pleased to see the work that has gone into getting Fife’s recycling centres reopen safely.

"With all the time people have been spending at home, undertaking extra gardening work and DIY projects, many people have piles of waste building up.

"The vast majority have responsibly stored their waste, but unfortunately a few have been illegally fly tipping at sites across the Kingdom, and the longer the closures continue the worse this will get."