PROBLEMS with wanton dumping have continued to get worse the longer the recycling centres have been closed.

Just at the weekend a tent and debris were found on Benarty Hill.

Stuart Dalgarno posted on the Benarty Matters Facebook page: "A lovely mess been left up Benarty hill. Tents, chairs and litter everywhere."

Local businessman Kevin Payne also posted pictures of dumping he came across in the Benarty area.

Another frustrated person by it all is Guy Anderson who has set up a Facebook page called 'GreenFife' and he wants people to post problems with dumping they have winessed.

He said: "I have brought up this topic before but now I’d like to announce that i will be setting up a petition and The Facebook page/Group which is now set up is called “GreenFife” .

"We are looking for people to help out. This page will involve the clean-up and tracking down of people involved in breaching of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

"I'm determined to find and expose those committing these crimes. I jog pass the site often and I’ve now noticed a whole new pile of rubbish. "Obviously due to the current circumstances with COVID-19, people are not able to utilise the services which the council provide. But this does not give anyone an excuse to fly tip, not only is this a complete disregard for the environment, it’s only couple minutes walk from a nature path and can become extremely dangerous for people.

"I will be taking this further working with the Scottish Environmental Protection agency and the business which I feel is suffering the most EPR Scotland at Westfield. This business have continued multiple times to try gain help from the local authority without success.

"Also if you have environmental issues in your area email,"