A LOCAL councillor is concerned that the Cowdenbeath Recycling Centre may not get the opportunity to re-open due to problems with the approach road to the facility.

It has been reported that recycling centres may re-open on June 1, provided the Scottish Government approves the plan.

However, it has been suggested to Gary Guichan, Labour councillor for Cowdenbeath, that the town's recycling centre might not open along with the rest in Fife, due to a potential health and safety concerns around the narrowness of Cuddyhouse Road.

The recycling centre is one of the busiest in Fife and Mr Guichan is concerned that the people of the town might find themselves without the much needed facility.

Cllr Guichan has called on the organisation which co-ordinates the recycling centres in the Kingdom, Fife Resource Solutions, to plan for all recycling centres to open simultaneously.

Cuddyhouse Road is a narrow approach to the recycling centre and it would be conceivable that queues could form as all recycling centres throughout the county will be very busy when they are re-opened after ten weeks out of action.

He told the Times: "There have been issues in England with long queues when their centres re-opened but if that is a concern for Cowdenbeath then it could happen whenever they decide to re-open, therefore they are as well opening them all together.

"I see this as an issue of fairness and equity.

"What are residents of Cowdenbeath and the surrounding area to do? They will either have to continue storing their excess rubbish for longer, or drive to centres further away, and it could lead to further fly-tipping problems in the area."

Fly-tipping has been occurring in the Cowdenbeath area and indeed throughout the entire district.