WORKING at home has become the norm for many people during the lockdown situation but it poses its own strains and these will continue after this period is over, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath MP, Neale Hanvey, warned this week.

He has commented on the risk to the mental health and wellbeing of workers from the Covid-19 pandemic and highlights available local support.

Mental health and HR organisations have warned that people working from home are at significant risk of mental ill-health during and after the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Hanvey said fears about infection, feelings of isolation, along with concerns about job security or income loss, are just some of the knock-on effects of the pandemic that place increasing pressure and stress on everyone.

However, a Business in the Community report found that almost half of workers in Scotland would not speak to their manager about mental health problems for fear of losing their jobs.

Commenting, Mr Hanvey said: “Working from home during the current lockdown has changed our day to day life utterly, and for many this is having a massive impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

“At times like these, being able to talk about our mental health, without having to worry about how others will react, is more important than ever.

“That’s why it’s crucial that valuable local services are continuing to offer support".

He added: “Sam’s Café, who normally run mental health drop-in services in Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline, are now offering support by phone.

“And the Scottish Government has committed £3.8 million to increase the capacity of NHS 24’s phone and online mental health services.

“This pandemic presents a real threat to our mental, as well as physical, health. But we will come through this. No one needs to be invincible, none of us are, so I encourage all of you to make use of the services that are available.”