OVER 100 children received a free lunch on Monday thanks to the work of a family run business in Cowdenbeath and Kelty.

The Beath Fry and Kelty Fry chip shops ran special school kids' distribution sessions from noon to 1.30pm, when meals were distributed by staff to any parent or child who needed their lunch.

Sean Murphy, who runs the Beath Fry shop, in Dalbeath Crescent, said: "This a real emergency for parents and families in general.

"We have been part of the community for over 20 years and we want to put something back.

"My son Kris, and daughter Caitlin, run the Kelty Fry and ensured that the service was available there and my team in Cowdenbeath did likewise."

Added Sean, who runs the Beath Fry at Dalbeath Crescent: "We had around 140 meals distributed in total by 1.30pm on Monday and things went brilliantly, with the children excellently behaved and the parents were good to speak to."

Kris, who runs the Kelty Fry, in Blackhall Square, said: "Our suppliers have been very generous, when they heard about our plans and it was brilliant that they helped us with this venture."

The two shops had intended to keep running it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week but the lockdown announcement on Monday night by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has meant that the businesses can only deliver takeaways until this part of the crisis is over.

Added Sean: "Everything was in place to do it three days a week but the lockdown announcement means that we have had to suspend our plans meantime.

"However, the minute that this is lifted we will be back in action with the Monday, Wednesday and Friday free meals for children.

"The reaction on Monday showed how much this was appreciated by families and Kris, Caitlin and myself aim to get it back up and running the minute this lockdown is lifted."

He concluded: "While we cannot open the shop in the normal way we are allowed to make takeaway deliveries and if people call us we will make sure they get a delivery.

"That is especially true for people currently in isolation due to the coronavirus. We can guarantee we can get a meal through to them."