THE amazingly talented and versatile international singer Jonathan Veira, will be coming to Beath and Cowdenbeath North Church, as part of his new 'Jonathan Veira - Songs and Tales Tour'.

But due to the coronavirus his anticipated appearance on April 25 has been postponed.

The Beath with Cowdenbeath North Church congregation will now welcome popular artiste John to Cowdenbeath in the autumn.

And tickets bought for the show on April 25 will be valid for the new date which the church hope to announce soon.

The show is part of all church social activities cancelled by coronavirus.

Jonathan is essentially a musical chameleon - performing songs of great diversity to an incredibly high standard - which quite possibly makes him unique in the world of entertainment. Indeed - ' ... better than anyone else in the UK' is how As The Stage recently described him.

From Billy Joel to Mozart and everything in-between - nothing seems too hard for him! Ballads, blues, rock n roll, jazz and even opera - everything sounds completely authentic and exhilarating. Accompanying himself on the piano with amazing dexterity, his glorious singing of his songs frequently moves people to tears and then they find themselves weeping with laughter at his tales!

When asked why he is putting aside his international singing for a while and doing his Songs and Tales show, Jonathan said: "I'm energised by doing these shows because of the closeness and interaction with the audience - I love entertaining people. It's wonderful to be able to incorporate the wide variety of music that I love to perform and I love having the freedom to make people laugh out loud! I have had so many funny experiences in my life - none of them planned!

"If something is going to wrong it is usually when I am around and it always makes people laugh. We all need to laugh more and I believe that the fantastic music and the joyful laughter together make my show unique.

"For nearly 30 years I have been singing in opera all around the world whilst also developing my 'Audience with jV', which actually began about 25 years ago. The 'side-show' has gradually taken on a life of its own ... spawning two DVDs, nine gospel CDs and a list of venues wanting to host the show. We're excited that this Tour will give airspace to JV simply being JV with an audience and I am looking forward to coming to Cowdenbeath later in the year. "