ALL Fife teachers who are not self isolating have been told to report to their school as normal on Monday morning.

A letter from Fife Council education chief Carrie Lindsay told staff they were all now part of a "significant collective effort" to provide vital services.

"Fife Council employees are all classed as being Category 1 responders under the Civil Contingencies Act," she said.

"This means we have legal duties and powers to respond to an emergency and a duty to continue to deliver services which members of the public rely on.

"The Deputy First Minister indicated that 'teaching, learning and support will continue – albeit in different ways for different groups of children.' We know that many schools and nurseries in Fife have already been creative in this planning."

Ms Lindsay said they were now ensuring that "robust plans" are in place to ensure continuity of learning for all children and young people across all stages through distance learning or online platforms.

This would include establishing agreements around ongoing communication with your most vulnerable children and young people over the coming weeks and months and the creation of hubs across Fife that will provide learning and care for the groups identified by the Scottish Government – vulnerable children and young people, children of key workers as identified by the local authority such as NHS staff.

Ms Lindsay stated: "All staff will need to be involved to ensure that we have a sustainable model of delivery for each of the Hubs over the coming weeks and months. Details of this will be communicated by Headteachers and managers.

"Discussions will take place with staff groups next week to organise staffing of Hubs."

Work will also be taking place to ensure that any young people in S4, S5 and S6 who still require to complete coursework and teacher assessments to support SQA accreditation can do so while opportunities will also be provided for S4, S5 and S6 pupil to discuss with concerns about the decision to cancel the exams with staff.

"When there is agreed robust planning in place for continued learning and teaching, including contingency plans for future staff absence, arrangements for staff to work at home should be made," she added.

"Strong partnership working and clear communication between Local Authorities, schools and their communities about the arrangements being put in place will be vital in the days ahead.

"The Deputy First Minister and Parliament praised the work of all educational staff across Scotland and I wish to personally tell you that your support and effort now, and in the very difficult times to come are hugely appreciated. "We may need to adapt what we do in the coming weeks and months and your flexibility and willingness to help each other will be critical to people in communities across Fife."