THE condition of paving and lighting in Lochgelly Public Park is causing concern for the town's community council.

The last meeting heard that in 2017 there was £123,000 left in the Park Improvement Fund, but the council believes this was before the basketball cage and the skatepark were finished.

Said secretary Louise Brown: "So we’re looking into how much, if anything, is left in this fund now. "When the cost of renewing the paths in the park was priced previously, it was in the range of £30,000, so again in the present climate, unless there is money left in the fund, there just isn’t the funding available to deal with the issue.

"Likewise with the lighting situation – there are several people in the park in the morning, walking their dogs before work when its still dark, who have taken to wearing headlamps because there’s no lighting."

The issue is to be followed up by the community council members.