THE extent of the raids on local garden sheds is underlined on the Benarty Matters facebook page today.

The Cowdenbeath Community Police team put out an appeal for help at the weekend following a spate of shed break-ins in Lochgelly, but it has been something that has been happening all over the area.

One of the posts on Benarty Matters stated that the allotments at Grace Street, in Lochgelly, had been targeted and sheds were broken into and spades, forks etc were stolen.

Jane Mulligan reported: "A few weeks ago about 20 allotments in Cowdenbeath were targeted but don't think much was taken."

Steven McFarlane said: "I've got one at Brucefield. They were all getting broken into last week. Mostly power tool and generators taken.

"Then heard it was all the sheds along Lumphinnans Road."

And Wattie Moodie has this advice: "Don't screw your hinges on, use nails with a hacksawed slot to look like a screw head, or use 4 inch nails and bend it over on the inside, very effective."

The police have asked householders and plotholders to ensure that there sheds are as secure as they can make them and anyone with information on the recent raids can phone 101.