A COWENBEATH man has appeared in Court for grabbing his partner by the neck after an argument.

Ryan Henry, 24, of Randolph Street, Cowdenbeath, previously admitted that on November 4, at Union Street, Kelty, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm in that she did in an aggressive manner towards his former partner and did shout and swear at her and struggle with her and seize her by the neck whereby she was injured.

Depute fiscal, Dev Kapadia, explained to the Court that the couple had been in a relationship for five years.

Henry had been consuming alcohol on the day in question and became irritated by some noise coming from neighbours.

"At 7.30pm he began a tirade out of nowhere and made comments about the complainer's family," Mr Kapadia said.

"He was asked to calm down but he didn't and continued with his belligerent behaviour which caused some concern.

"Thereafter there was struggle where he seized her by the neck.

"There was reddening to her throat which was seen by police officers who attended."

The accused contacted the police after saying he was suffering from chest pains.

An ambulance attended and when he was assessed as medically fit he was arrested by police.

Defence solicitor, Selina Mackay, said he client has two previous convictions which both related to the complainer.

"The relationship could be extremely volatile when alcohol was involved," she said.

"On this occasion there was a verbal altercation which led to more.

"There was aggression and violence on both sides.

"He realises this is a bad relationship and has taken the decision that it is now at an end."

Henry had told social workers in a report that he was concerned about doing unpaid work but Ms Mackay said he was now willing to do unpaid work.

Sheriff Alastair Brown deferred sentencing until March 11 for a fresh report.