A CARDENDEN man who assaulted a male and was abusive towards police officers has been placed on a tag.

Raymond Lynch, 35, of Denfield Avenue, previously admitted that on November 5 at his home address, he assaulted a male and struck him to the head.

And, at his home address and Dunfermline Police Station, he behaved in a threatening and abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm in that he did swear, utter an offensive remark and act in an aggressive manner.

And, committed these offences when he was granted bail on October 24.

Defence solicitor, David McLaughlin, said it was "incredibly stupid" of his client to commit these offences when police officers were already present.

Sheriff Alastair Brown said: "It's positive that you are engaging with your community payback order.

"I do not want to do anything that appears will intervene with what appears to be a change."

The Sheriff imposed a 20 week restriction of liberty order whereby Lynch will have to stay at home address between the hours of 7pm-7am.