THE state of a Benarty street's road surface is concerning residents.

Montrose Crescent, in Lochore, has been described as 'the street that time forgot', by one resident.

Our reporter had a look on Thursday and was surprised by the run down condition of the street and it was not on the list of streets to be tackled by the council Transportation team in the near future.

Local businessman, Harry Webster, said this week: "I would be very surprised if we are on an upgrade list as we are the street time forgot....hardly even see a gritter!"

The undertaker added: "The state of the road surface in Montrose Crescent has just got worse and worse and I have reported it to the council on numerous occasions but no action has yet been taken."

Certainly our reporter found stretches with a lot of ruts and small holes. Certainly it is very rough but with money tight the upgrade programme will be under pressure in the coming council budget.

However, it is pretty certain that Montrose Crescent will feature on the Area Roads Programme in the near future.