The passage of the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill has meant it is now impossible for Scotland to be in the European Union while it stays as part of the UK, according to Cardenden and Kinglassie MP Peter Grant.

The Glenrothes & Central Fife MP Mr Grant said that there was little or no chance of the Bill being significantly changed by the House of Lords, and that last week’s vote was the last chance to stop Scotland from leaving the EU on 31 January.

He said: “I accept that a majority of people who voted in 2014 wanted to stay in the UK.

"In 2016 a much bigger majority in Scotland voted to stay in the European Union. There will have been around a million people who wanted to be in both the UK and the European Union, and who voted 'no' in 2014 because they were promised that this was the best way to protect our place in Europe.

“I respect their decision, but now they need to understand that the Better Together campaign lied to them in 2014. The United Kingdom they voted to be part of in 2014 no longer exists. It is now impossible to stay in the UK if we want to remain part of the European Union".

He added: “It’s not for me, or Nicola Sturgeon, or anybody else to decide whether our EU membership is more important to the people of Scotland than being in the UK.

"The only fair and democratic way to resolve this is to let the people decide. It’s time to let Scotland’s people choose which future they want – a far right, isolationist future under Boris Johnston, or a fairer, more inclusive and more prosperous Scotland as an Independent member of the European Union.”