ARE you looking for funding for your group or a project you are involved in, then check out the following criteria and see if you qualify for the MicroGrant Scheme.

Cowdenbeath Community Council were pleased to hear that Mossmorran Wind Farm Ltd Community Fund has allocated £2,000 to them to administer a Micro Grant Scheme. This Scheme is to award grants to individuals or groups whose work benefit residents living in the Cowdenbeath Community Council area.

The Community Council will be able to award small grants of up to £250 to individuals and groups (both constituted and unconstituted) who are involved in activities that can benefit Cowdenbeath residents by: • Enhancing the quality of life for local residents; • Contributing to deliver vibrant, healthy, successful and sustainable communities; • Promoting community spirit and encouraging community activity.

Individuals and groups can apply for an award to assist with running costs (insurance or hiring facilities), equipment costs, maintenance or refurbishment of community facilities etc.

Said community council secretary Christine Gourlay: "If you believe you would qualify for an award, then why not print the application form from our website (, or contact us for a hard copy, then complete it and send it off to us at or by post to Chairperson, Cowdenbeath Community Council, 17 Glenfield Road, Cowdenbeath

"Applications should reach us by Friday February 28 2020 and awards will be made on merit and at the discretion of Cowdenbeath Community Council".

Christine added: "Groups that applied to the Main Fund in 2019 can apply but not for the same project. Nevertheless priority will be given to applicants who did not receive funding from the Main Fund in 2019.

"The meeting to discuss all applications will be on Thursday March 19. Payments will be made by cheque, so state clearly the payee details in your application Decisions will be advised (and cheques issued) to successful applicants by April 10 2020 . Any grant received should be spent within 3 months of being awarded unless specified. You will be expected to produce proof of expenditure within 3 months of the grant being awarded as part of the monitoring process."

Christine added that the following are not eligible for a Micro Grant, Groups affiliated to the organisation running the Micro Grant Scheme or operating under its structure. Individuals benefitting from projects supported by the Main Grant (for example, supporting costs for an individual to attend a dance event where the organising group is already receiving a grant towards that event from the Fund). Projects which received funding from the Main Grant in 2019. The advancement of religion or politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups). Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before the council have made a decision on an application (retrospective funding). Payments towards areas clearly understood to be the exclusive responsibility of statutory authorities.