A ‘GOOD SAMARITAN’ member of the public went to help two police officers who were being attacked in a Fife street.

The officers were assaulted after stopping their van to deal with youths fighting in Crosshill.

The officers were outnumbered as they tried to tackle the disorder.

A female constable had her hair grabbed and her male colleague was hauled to the ground.

The incident resulted in Jordan Baxter and Callum Morris appearing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Baxter, 23, of Malcolm Street, Ballingry, admitted that on September 4, at Main Street, Crosshill, he assaulted a police constable by seizing him by the body, pulling him to the ground and struggling with him.

He also assaulted a female police officer by struggling with her.

Morris, 22, of Castle Avenue, Crosshill, admitted that he assaulted the same officer by seizing her by the clothing and by her hair.

They both admitted they resisted the police officers, shouted, swore and struggled with them.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said police officers were on their way to deal with a separate matter when they came across a group of youths fighting in the street.

“The group were acting aggressively and fighting with each other. They stopped the van and tried to bring the disturbance to an end.

“The two accused continued with their behaviour,” added the depute.

During the assaults, the officers called for back-up. “They were outnumbered but a Good Samaritan stopped and came to their assistance until the back-up arrived. He was thanked by them afterwards.”

Sheriff James MacDonald called for reports and the pair will be sentenced on February 19.