A MAN who threatened to go to a social worker's home to sort out an issue over contact has been sent to jail.

Wayne Fogarty had been at a meeting with two members of Fife Council's social work team in Dunfermline when he demanded to see one of their colleagues.

When he was told he couldn't, he said he was going to "kick his c*** in" and go to his house and "sort things out himself".

Appearing for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday, Fogarty, 44, of South Street, Cowdenbeath, had admitted that on February 19 last year at Fife Council in Edgar Street, Dunfermline, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner when he swore, acted in an aggressive manner and uttered threats of violence.

Depute Fiscal, Freya Anderson said Fogarty, had a pre-arranged meeting with two members of the social work team in relation to a community payback order.

When he arrived, he was agitated. He seemed uninterested and appeared to direct most of his conversation towards another social worker, asking to see him on several occasions.

At the time, the person he asked to see was the social worker responsible for his step daughter. After being told they would not facilitate a meeting with him, Fogarty stated "I'm going to kick his c*** in."

The meeting was then brought to a close and when he was leaving the building, Fogarty stated he knew the home address of the social worker and he would attend and sort things out himself.

Solicitor, Danielle Varela, said her client was experiencing an "unstable and chaotic" period in his life at the time.

"He was homeless, using alcohol to excess and was not in a good place," she said. "On top of all of that he was then told by child and families team that he would be denied contact with his step daughter. He didn't understand the reason for this".

He did not go to the offices with the intention of speaking to the officer involved. However, whilst he was there he accepts he was distracted. He wanted answers in relation to contact.

"He was emotional and frustrated and the frustration got the better of him. They were empty threats. He should have dealt with his emotions in a more controlled manner. Alcohol consumption is a likely a factor in his behaviour.

"He acknowledges his behaviour would have been upsetting and distressing for those involved."

Sheriff Alastair Brown jailed Fogarty for eight months.

He told him: "I am very aware that social workers who are administering orders on behalf of the Court are regularly subjected to behaviour which is aggressive, threatening and abusive.

"I am also aware that social workers who are serving in the best interests of children are regularly subjected to behaviour which is aggressive, threatening and abusive.

"I do not know why you were not being given contact with the child but having regard to your behaviour on this occasion and what has been said about your use of alcohol and your criminal record, I can imagine why that might have been.

"This Court will not tolerate the abuse and threatening of social workers who are carrying out tasks on behalf of the public. You will to prison for eight months."