A LOCHGELLY man told his former partner to come home from holiday to give him sex after berating her for going away without seeing to his sexual needs.

David Smart went on to send abusive messages to the woman and later continued the abusive behaviour by bombarding her with phone calls and texts before threatening to "burn her".

Appearing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday, Smart, 40, of Main Street, had previously admitted that between September 7 and 30, 2017 at his home, he made mobile phone calls and sent messages to his then partner that were grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character in which he called her derogatory names and demanded she return to the country to provide him with sex.

Between April 1 and May 16, 2019, at a house in Beveridge Street, Dunfermline, he also engaged in a course of behaviour which was abusive of his partner or ex partner when he shouted, swore, repeatedly called her derogatory names, persistently and repeatedly called and texted her over 200 times and made a threat to burn her.

Depute Fiscal, Freya Anderson, said the partner had gone to Turkey on holiday with friends on September 2017.

"The accused continually messaged her and called her throughout. He demanded that the complainer chose between him and her friends. The accused stated that she had not seen to his sexual needs prior to leaving. He repeatedly stated that if she loved him, she would get the next flight home to give him sex.

"He repeatedly called her names such as ugly, fat, smelly cow, lazy black b*****d. It continued throughout the holiday."

In April last year, arguments had occurred and the woman received messages and calls from Smart when he was shouting and swearing throughout.After she had contacted police, he sent 65 text messages and called her 20 times including a message stating "now or I will burn you".

Sheriff Alastair Brown told Smart his conduct had not impressed him.

"It is dreadfully tempting just to send you to prison because your behaviour towards this lady has been self centred, bullying, cowardly and disgraceful but perhaps in the interests of any future partner, I think the most sensible thing would be to get an assessment for the Caledonian Programme and I will do that," he said.

He deferred sentencing for an assessment for the Caledonian Programme and Smart will reappear in the dock on February 5.