A COWDENBEATH man this week hit out at what he described as ‘desecration’ taking place at the town’s cemetery.

Mark Ollis has suffered through items being stolen from the crematorium area where his dad’s urn was situated but he has also seen the graves of community stalwarts Alex and Mary Maxwell attacked by people causing mischief.

He said: “I really have been infuriated by what I have seen happening at the cemetery caused by people who should know better.

“I eventually had to make the decision to move my dad’s place of rest due to a series of incidents which saw the urn holder tampered with.

“Eventually I decided enough was enough and secured another part of the cemetery for it.”

But he added: “That was bad enough but when I saw someone tampering with the graves of Mary and Alex Maxwell I thought where have we reached in our community.

“Brass flower containers have been removed and other items taken from the graveside of two people who did so much for this town over many decades.

“Again it is not something that has just happened once, but on several occasions and I am completely sickened by this behaviour.”

He went on: “Our community is going backwards when you see this happening.

“I have spoken to an individual who I have seen being involved in this and he did not seem to think there was anything wrong.

“I made it plain that this was unacceptable behaviour, but I am not sure it got through.

“This is pure desecration at our town’s cemetery and is something that has to be roundly condemned.

“It is really disturbing that at a place where it says at the gate, ‘we ask you to be respectful in this place of rest’, you see someone acting like this. It is a complete insult to the town of Cowdenbeath.”