THE fifth Red Hackle Day celebration of Black Watch veterans on the first Saturday of the year was a big success with 32 members involved.

It was again held at the Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, and as ever Cowdenbeath man David Thomson supplied the ‘Gunfire’, a little something which spices up the day!

This is a get-together for former Black Watch soldiers who can have a chat with old comrades and it is also a time to remember those who have passed away and it was noted that in the past year there were some 15 men who had been lost.

David is always delighted to supply the ‘Gunfire’ element of the day and commented: “We must thank our branch leader, Rob Scott, for his efforts in keeping the branch in a healthy state, keeping us all informed and up to date with what is going on around other branches and events as well as information of branch business.

“Pictures taken by our own photographer, George Wood, of all occasions are recorded and sent to all members and we say to our organisation team thank-you good soldiers.”

David added: “A big thank-you goes to all who take the time to attend every year, this being the fifth at the Rothes Halls and significantly it is the 101st year since this tradition started.

“We must, of course, thank the Rothes Halls for allowing us the privilege of using the café and the excellent food and service by the staff. A Wonderful organisation, ‘The Gallant Forty Twa’.”