A DAUGHTER injured both of her parents in a drunken episode at home in Kelty after a baby shower.

Jennifer Thompson, 26, now of Wilson Street, Ayr, previously admitted that on September 29 at Beechbank Crescent, she did culpably and recklessly pull over a wooden unit whereby it struck her mother on the head to her injury.

Also, she assaulted her father and threw a set of keys and mirror at him which struck on the head to his injury.

Depute-fiscal, Freya Anderson, explained that Thompson lived with her parents at the time of the incident.

She told the Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday that the accused had been at a baby shower and returned home about 19.15 and was under the influence of alcohol.

Thompson and her mother both entered the bathroom when she pulled on a unit causing it to hit her mother on the head.

Her head started to bleed heavily from the injury.

The accused's father attempted to calm things down but the accused threw a set of keys and mirror which struck him on the head. The police were contacted.

Her mother has cut to the right side of the head and had a graze to the left. Her father suffered from a graze to the top of the head.

Both parents were checked over by paramedics but did not need any further help.

Defence solicitor, Pete Robertson, explained that a letter from his client's parents has been submitted to the Court.

He said it showed there was a strong bond between the parties and they have been moving forward.

"She recognised her behaviour was completely wrong," he said.

"She needs to control her use of alcohol as she when she drinks she puts herself at risk."

Sheriff Charles Macnair said: "This was an aggressive and violent incident involving your parents.

"I accept the injury to your mother was not intentional but the assault on your father was.

"I do not accept that the incident was totally out of character as what was said in the letter sent in by your parents.

"It seems from your record it's in your character.

"If you wish not to come before the courts and face escalating sentences then you are going to have to control your alcohol consumption."

The Sheriff imposed a community pack order consisting of 12 months supervision with a conduct requirement to attend alcohol counselling as directed and 112 hours of unpaid work.