ONE of the main side streets in Lochgelly is set for a major overhaul.

North Street links the busy Lumphinnans Road with Bank Street and is heavily used by parents dropping their children off at Lochgelly West Primary School.

Vans and lorries also use the stretch running past the children's playpark and past the junctions with Henderson Street and David Street, which houses Lochgelly Health Centre.

One motorist from the town said: "This road is showing real signs of wear and some of the holes are deep.

"Actually with the depth of some of them you do not need the speed bumps as the holes are a big enough deterrent to speeders!

"This road needs to be improved."

But that concerned driver may not have too long to wait for at their last meeting Cowdenbeath Area Committee heard that £47,000 was to be spent on Phase One of the refurbishment of North Street.

The project, which will make a difference to a significant stretch of the street, is expected to start towards the start of March and be completed within a relatively short space of time.

Phase 2, which is also expected to cost £47,000 currently has Category 2 status which means it may take place later this year.