COWDENBEATH MSP Annabelle Ewing is encouraging local residents and businesses to participate in ‘Good Cause Santa Claus’, a Secret Santa challenge launched for the third year by the Charity Retail Association.

Backing the challenge and is highlighting the benefits of Christmas shopping in local charity shops.

Said the MSP: “The Good Cause Santa Claus challenge is a fun way to give to charity, particularly if you are taking part in a Secret Santa this Christmas.

“It is also important to consider ways to be environmentally friendly during the festivities. Buying goods from charity shops helps to reduce waste going to landfill.

“Charity shops provide social, economic and environmental benefits to my Cowdenbeath constituency and I had a great visit to the well supported Debra charity shop in Dalgety Bay".

Added Ms Ewing who pointed to the excellent charity shops on Cowdenbeath High Street: “Well done to the local Manager, all her volunteers – and to the people who donate - for the huge assortment of items that they have available, all beautifully presented and offering lots of scope for sustainable, budget Christmas present buying.”

Robin Osterley, Chief Executive of the Charity Retail Association said: “Taking part in our Secret Santa challenge is a great opportunity for people to enjoy the brilliance of buying from local charity shops this Christmas.

“Buying gifts this way allows shoppers to give to the charity, reduce waste going to landfill and have fun with unique presents for family, friends and colleagues.”