A CAR seemingly abandoned outside his shop door for almost two months annoyed a Crossgates businessman as his trade was being affected.

However, today (Tuesday) the car was removed after the owner noticed our Facebook post about it. John Paterson runs the Munch Box, in Main Street, and at first he thought the car was parked there because it had broken down.

But as days past he started to become increasingly frustrated. Said Mr Paterson: “This started way back at the beginning of October and I fully expected it to be removed by the owner in a few days.

“When it wasn’t I contacted the police and council and found out that it had not been taxed for four years and had not had an MOT for around the same time.

“It looked like it had simply been abandoned and it was literally right outside the door of the shop.” The Munch Box provides tasty snacks and newspapers among other items and is especially busy at lunchtimes but people had been struggling to get parked outside the shop.

Added Mr Paterson: “I was hoping that it might be simply towed away by the authorities but apparently it is not that easy.” Councillor for Cowdenbeath, Kelty and Crossgates, Alex Campbell, said that he understood Mr Paterson’s frustrations at not being able to get the Volkswagen car moved.

He said: “It is a real annoyance when this sort of thing happens but and that fact that it has not been taxed or MOT’d for some years suggest that it has just been abandoned.”

However, the car was removed on Tuesday when the owner explained that someone had been looking after the car for him, but had not seen the man for some time and had wondered what he had done with the vehicle.

However, when he saw it mentioned on the Times social media stream he immediately made sure it was removed and came around to apologise for what had happened.