CARDENDEN Community Council is wanting a special meeting to be called to consider the cut in opening hours for Bowhill Swimming Pool that have been announced by the Fife Leisure Trust.

At the Community Council's meeting last week concern was expressed by members at the reduction in opening hours of Bowhill Pool, 'which will affect the Fitness Centre and other facilities in the community'.

Council secretary, David Taylor, said this week: "These facilities were campaigned for over many years by the local community and we have no wish to see their use deteriorate.

"It is accepted that continued financial constraints at all levels put a strain on maintaining these essential public services, but recent media reports highlight the need for people of all ages to take more exercise to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.

"Fife Leisure Trust blame the budget cuts on Fife Council, who in turn blame the Scottish Government, who then blame the Westminster Government, which is promising all kinds of public spending in order to be re-elected. Meanwhile our community facilities are being jeopardised".

Mr Taylor said that the council members were highly concerned: "This situation is totally unacceptable and it is requested that a local meeting be held with interested parties to discuss this matter, in an effort to find an alternative way forward to enable our essential community facilities to be better financed, managed and maintained for the future benefit of everyone".

Four weeks ago the Trust stated: "Following consultation with staff, the Trust is updating its customers with details which sees significant hours at changes at both Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre and Bowhill Pool.

"Bowhill will see an overall reduction of 20 hours, with 8 hours 45 minutes less for Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre.

"The reduction of opening hours is targeted at times, which in the main are outwith the core peak operating periods, and safeguard times for community activities for older adults and children, for example health classes and children swimming lessons."