THE full line-up of candidates for the 2019 General Election was confirmed on Friday and 16 of them will be seeking your vote in the three local constituences.

The Brexit Party will challenge in two of the seats as will the Greens and all three previous MPs will be defending their respective seats in the December 12 poll.

In Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Labour's Lesley Laird will face a Brexit challenger but will see the SNP's Neal Hanvey as her main opponent.

In Glenrothes, which includes Cardenden and Kinglassie, Peter Grant also faces a Brexit Party challenger but will feel that Labour's Pat Egan will be the main challenger, while in Dunfermline West, which includes Crossgates, Hill of Beath and Moss-side, the SNP's Douglas Chapman will see Labour's Cara Hilton as the main opponent, although there is no Brexit challenge.

The full line-up is, Dunfermline and West Fife: Rebecca Louise Marie Bell, Liberal Democrats; Moira McDonald Benny, Conservative; Douglas Chapman, SNP; Mags Hall, Greens; Cara Hilton, Labour.

Glenrothes: Pat Egan, Labour; Victor Robert Farrell, Brexit Party; Peter Grant, SNP; Jane Ann Liston, Liberal Democrats; Amy Louis Thomson, Conservative.

Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath: Gillian Cole-Hamilton, Liberal Democrats; James Neal Hanvey, SNP; Lesley Laird, Labour; Kathleen Frances Leslie, Conservative; Scott John Colin Rutherford, Greens; Mitch William, Brexit Party.