MOTORISTS had to be on the alert on Cardenden's Station Road Thursday afternoon as Denend Primary School pupils set about catching those exceeding 20mph past the entrance to School Lane.

Cowdenbeath Community Police team member, PC Dav Scola, had members of the school's Travel Action Group out on the busy road that runs past the school tracking the speed of passing motorists.

Clad in their high vis gear, sponsored by the Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel, the pupils spent more than 30 minutes getting over to passing motorists that speeding near schools is unacceptable.

To be fair the vast majority of drivers were on or around the 20mph limit, but a few were well in access of it with the worst offender being recorded at 33!

PC Scola said: "Cars coming down the slope from the south might not realise, despite the signs, that there is a school entrance just in front of them and the children out there with their high viz gear and the speed gun reminded motorists of the speed limit.

"It is good too for the children to realise that this is a busy road and to take care when going too and from school."

Denend depute headteacher, Stuart Thynne, said that the busiest times were between 8.40 and 9am in the morning and around 3pm in the afternoon.

He said: "Parking around School Lane can be pretty hectic around these times as the dropping off and picking up of pupils takes place and it brings with it its own problems.

"It is so important that pupils are aware of the need be careful if they are crossing Station Road at any time but most especially in the morning and afternoon."

The Thursday afternoon team of Zoe, Branden, Ewan, Chloe and Lillie, enthusiastically learned from their Community Police team member how to operate the speed two guns and then took on the task of tracking the speed of approaching traffic from the north and south ends of Station Road.

Most of the passing motorists acknowledged the young speed camera operators, including bus drivers, and Mr Thynne was pleased with the way the youngsters tackled the task.

The Crime Prevention Panel was only too pleased to sponsor the high viz gear and chairman Dave Roy said: "The 20mph speed limits around schools are there for a purpose but too many times motorists forget and simply rattle along too quickly.

"It was good to see the youngsters patrolling the approaches to Denend and getting their message across that 20 is plenty.".