THE delay in a the survey to find out what pupils at Lochgelly and Beath High Schools think about school lunches has dismayed campaigner Bailey-Lee Robb.

In the summer Cowdenbeath Area Committee asked council officials to carry out a survey of consumers of school lunches following concerns being expressed at the committee by local member of the Scottish Youth Parliament, Bailey-Lee, and fellow Lochgelly High pupil, Emma Devine, about the standard of the fayre being served up at school dinner sessions.

Emma stated then: "The quality really varies on what is on the menu.

"When there is macaroni or curry or fish the quality is good, but when it is some other meal it can be pretty poor. It is something which is really difficult for the pupils, many of who are relying on that as their main meal of the day."

After hearing their concerns the committee backed a full review of school dinners to be carried out.

At last Wednesday's meeting of the committee the issue was on the agenda, but the report tabled said that the proposed pupil survey 'will be conducted'.

Tariq Ditta, Senior Facilities Management Services Manager, said that meals take up at Lochgelly and Beath High Schools in autumn 2018 was 41.3 per cent and 42.2 respectively, which was well above the Fife average.

"The menu choices are developed by Fife Council catering professionals and are developed by trialling the preparation of proposed meals and once a new menu has been prepared it is consulted upon with some pupils, headteachers and local kitchen staff.

"We realise that we have to communicate in a much more constructive way with our customers."

Mr Ditta added that the questionnaire to explore pupils' views on school meals will be circulated in November and December and the findings will be reported to a future meeting of the committee.

But Bailey- Lee Robb was most unhappy at that: "To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. Back in May, when I proposed this motion, which received unanimous support, it stated that you people had to be involved from the outset.

"I was looking forward to receiving the report showing young people's true thoughts but I feel let down and our young people will feel let down.

"Improvements must be made as a matter or urgency and young people must be involved in this process from beginning to end."

Councillor Gary Guichan commented: "I am heartened by the desire to see improvements being tackled," and Councillor Alistair Bain added: "It cannot be easy to fit a menu together taking into account the various calorific and nutritional needs plus the personal individual preferences."

But committee convener Linda Erskine said: "I am very disappointed that at the beginning of November the pupil survey has not been completed.

"The voice of the pupils must be heard but at this stage the motion has not been complied with."