KINGLASSIE MSP, Jenny Gilruth, told the Scottish Parliament Chamber the story of a disabled constituent's adverse interactions with the UK benefit system.

Connor Beveridge, 24, suffers from Friedreich’s Ataxia - a recessive genetic disease that causes difficulty in walking, a loss of sensation in the arms and legs and impaired speech that worsens over time.

The MSP took part in the Scottish Government debate on improving disability assistance in Scotland.

The recent introduction of Social Security Scotland has a person-centred approach to disability assistance and is working to revolutionise and re-design the widely criticised new system.

Speaking in the Chamber at The Scottish Parliament, the Glenrothes and Mid Fife MSP said: “The UK Government system enshrined discrimination against people with a disability; it enshrined unfairness for those in our society who are most in need."

Mr Beveridge said: "Why people with terminal and degenerative conditions like mine need to be put through this process will always beggar belief to me.

“My PIP assessment—although degrading—was relatively straightforward. However, my transfer from jobseekers allowance to the employment support allowance was a different story. Once I applied for ESA, I soon received a letter that I was being put on a waiting list for an assessment. Whilst on the waiting list I was put on a reduced rate of payment. I was on this waiting list for 15 months".