A DRUGGED-UP Ballingry man drove while disqualified, crashed a car into a garden fence and then drove off again.

Pedestrians had to jump out of the way as Kyle Richardson drove on pavements.

When apprehended by police, Richardson bit an officer repeatedly in the arm, which saw him require hospital treatment.

Richardson then falsely claimed he had syphilis and the officer had to undergo tests and take antibiotics because of these lies.

Richardson, 32, of Kirktoun Park, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court to be sentenced for a string of offences, including two charges of driving while disqualified.

He admitted that on February 12, on various roads in Cardenden and Ballingry, he drove while disqualified.

On August 13, at Primmer Place, Cowdenbeath, he was in possession of ecstasy and cocaine.

Richardson also admitted that on October 8, in various streets in Lochgelly, he drove a car dangerously and while disqualified.

He failed to control his car, causing collisions with stationary vehicles, caused the car to strike a fence and enter the front garden of a house in Andrew Street, mounted the pavements and caused pedestrians to take evasive action to avoid being struck, and drove at excessive speeds.

He also failed to stop after an accident.

He also admitted he drove when unfit to do so through drink or drugs.

At Hamilton Street, he assaulted a police officer by biting him repeatedly to his injury.

At Dunfermline police station, he failed to provide specimens of breath for analysis.

Defence solicitor James Moncrieff admitted his client’s offences in October were “particularly unpleasant”.

He added: “He can’t remember a great deal about it as he was under the influence of drugs.”

Sheriff James MacDonald told Richardson: “This was a quite appalling set of offences. The attack on the officer was disgraceful and disgusting. You then led him to believe you had infected him with a disease.”

He jailed Richardson for nine months and imposed a driving ban for four years and four months.