A HUSBAND who failed to comply with his unpaid work order has been jailed for three months.

David Montague, 41, whose address was given as Viewbank, Leslie, previously admitted that on March 19, at an address in Lochgelly, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm in that he swore, acted in an aggressive manner towards his wife and uttered abusive remark to her.

Depute fiscal, Laura McManus, explained that the couple had been together since 2011 and had a child.

The relationship was described as "rocky and abusive".

The Court was told an argument took place after the accused had taken his son to see a doctor.

When he returned, his mood was soured and he called his wife a "mongrel".

When the police attended, Montague said his wife had been trying to get him out of the house all day, blaming him for "this and that".

Defence solicitor, Danielle Varela, explained that after her client returned from the GP, he burned his finger on the cooker and needed medical attention.

When he returned, he felt his wife was "trying to get a reaction from him".

He dropped a note with a female's name and number on it, which Ms Varela explained was for a drug deal but his wife got the wrong impression and made efforts to contact this woman.

The Court heard that Montague was not attending social work appointments.

Sheriff Alastair Brown said: "So he can go out and source drugs but he cannot go to a social work appointment?"

Ms Varela said her client suffered from panic attacks.

Sheriff Brown said: "When the Court orders you to undertake unpaid work it's an instruction.

"You have made no effort to comply with it."