A DELAY in getting costings for a project to make a Cowdenbeath road much safer has upset two local councillors.

Alex Campbell and Darren Watt hit out at Wednesday's meeting of Cowdenbeath Area Committee at delays to assess what it will cost to make Farm Road that much safer.

The issue has been causing problems for residents for some years, with limited parking space on the steep slope and sharp corner leading to accidents with parked vehicles being repeatedly struck by vehicles coming down the incline.

Councillors Campbell and Watt have been backing the residents' campaign to have better parking facilities created, possibly on the nearby embankment.

While moves have been implemented to put speed cushions on the sloping road to curb speeding motorists, it had been hoped that by Wednesday costing for the parking alternatives would have been provided for councillors.

The Roads Programme report had Farm Road Off Street Parking down as a 'Category 2 Project with an estimate of £50,000'.

Councillor Watt said: "This really is not good enough. We have been wanting to have another meeting with the residents to follow up the good public meeting earlier this year which heard the problems experienced by them and what they felt could remedy it.

"Yet eight months later we really are no further forward, it is very frustrating."

Councillor Campbell added: "We have been waiting on the costings information before we hold a second public meeting, but nothing seems to be happening."

Roads and Transportation's Ian Jones said: "We need to get detailed designs in place to get full costings and hopefully that can be done very soon."

Committee convener, Councillor Linda Erskine said: "I fully understand the dissatisfaction displayed by the members at the lack of progress and this needs to be progressed."

After the meeting Councillor Watt commented: "We as councillors have been pursuing these ongoing issues at Farm Road and Johnston Park for some time and all we're waiting on is the costs so we can progress to the next stage.

"However, for transportation to continually ignore and/or delay our requests is completely unacceptable, especially as it's the councillors who have to face the residents and explain we're no further forward".