A SHERIFF has warned a teenager that she will go to jail if she doesn't complete her unpaid work order.

Sheriff Alastair Brown told Leah Taylor that she will have to complete 30 hours before her next six week review.

The teen appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for breaching her order.

Taylor, 18, of Cluny Park, Cardenden, previously admitted on June 24, 2018, at her home address, she did resist, obstruct or hinder two police constables then in the execution of their duty and did repeatedly shout, swear, utter offensive remarks and threats of violence, struggle with officers, kick and spit while in the rear of a police van.

Defence solicitor, Danielle Varela, said Taylor had been engaging with social work appointments but her problem seemed to be her attitude towards the unpaid work element.

A report said she had left appointments early and had to attend arranged placements.

Sheriff Brown said: "You were ordered to do unpaid work and you've only done some of it.

"I will let the order run but I am going to set a review in six week's time.

"You will do 30 hours by then. If you do not do them you will go to detention."