PAULINE and David Wilson felt they had reached the time that action was needed as they had both piled on pounds.

So they went to Agata Barker’s Slimming World Class, at Hill of Beath Ex servicemen’s Club, to see if they could get any help and the couple’s move has seen them drop more than ten stones between them.

Pauline said: “I was out walking my dog with my husband, David, when I realised I was feeling very out of breath... I realised I had no choice but to acknowledge that my weight was making my life harder than it needed to be.

“Over the years I had attempted various diets. Some had worked, some hadn’t - but none had stuck! I knew I had the capacity to lose weight but at the time I hadn’t quite worked out why I kept gaining it.

“I started Slimming World classes in July 2018 and David happily agreed to join with me. We found our local group in Hill of Beath using Facebook and opted to attend on Monday evenings. At the time of joining, I weighed fifteen stone eight pounds - the most I'd ever weighed. David started his journey at sixteen stone thirteen pounds.”

She added: “Even at our first class I could tell that my slimming world journey was going to be different from my previous weight-loss attempts. I had no desire to rush out after my weigh-in and ‘treat myself’ for a job well done. Instead David and I found ourselves planning our weekly meals and writing a shopping list for the first time.

“I was keen not to get stuck in a rut, eating the same things over and over; I wanted a variety of foods to keep me satisfied and interested.

“To help with this, David and I used all the materials we could get our hands on - the Slimming World app, the Food Optimising book from class, the Facebook page set up for class members to share meals and help each other, numerous other Facebook groups and websites.”

The couple attend Agata’s class every Monday evening at Hill of Beath Club.

“We actively participated in the group, discussing our meals and getting support and ideas from Agata, the class leader, as well as other members.

In October 2018, the couple, along with their family - jetted off to Las Vegas for a week to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. By this point Pauline had lost two stone, and David had lost three stone and one and a half pounds!

Upon returning to Scotland, they were both delighted to learn that they had only gained a few pounds and they had proven to themselves that we had been listening in class and could apply better choices even when on holiday!

David reached his initial target weight just before Christmas. He tried to maintain that weight - however, he found his weight continued to drop slightly. In April 2019 he readjusted to a lower target where he has stayed since. He’s lost a total of five stone eight pounds.

Pauline concluded: “My weight continued to drop slowly and I finally hit my target in July. I had lost five stone, almost a third of my initial weight! Like David, my weight continued to drop and I readjusted my target, achieving a total weight loss of five stone eight pounds!

“The Slimming World class was the key to helping us understand what changes we had to make. It now helps us to continue on our journey whilst incorporating our social life, holidays and family events.

“Agata, our class leader, is amazingly supportive and encouraging and has been key in helping us lose eleven stone and two pounds, what a difference it has made to us.”