FIFE Council is set to introduce ‘no waiting’ restrictions at a busy Lochgelly junction.

Cowdenbeath Area Committee heard on Wednesday that too many motorists have been breaching Highway Code rules at the junction of David Street and Melgund Place.

David Street is where Lochgelly Health Centre is situated and Melgund Place has the Sunflower family Nurture Centre and Nursery.

Phil Clarke, Lead consultation Traffic Management, told councillors: “A parent engagement exercise was undertaken in June with parents as they dropped off infants at the Sunflower to determine whether there are any measures that could be introduced to encourage parents not to drive and park in the immediate vicinity of the nursery.

“The aim of the move being to reduce congestion in the street and improve nursery parents’ perception of road safety.”

Mr Clarke added: “Melgund Place is one of the entrances to housing on the west side of Lochgelly and is a relatively busy street with a 20mph limit.

“During the exercise it was noticed that many vehicles were parked in the junction of Melgund Place and David Street in contravention of rule 243 of the Highway Code: ‘Do not park opposite or within 10 metres of a junction.’ “The congestion caused in the street and compromised safety of any pedestrians trying to cross in the vicinity of the junction and nursery, gives parents the impression that it is not safe to allow children to walk to the nursery hence the high volume of parents driving and parking.

“To address this issue in the nursery’s travel plan, it is proposed that a ‘No waiting at any time’ double yellow line prohibitions be provided in the interests of road safety and that these traffic restrictions be promoted.”

Committee convener, Councillor Linda Erskine, said: “This is a busy and dangerous junction and action is needed to make it safer.”

The committee agreed to promote the Traffic Order to implement the No Waiting restrictions.