A GLENROTHES man had a nasty shock on Thursday evening when he was driving on the A92 when someone threw a missile at his car from the bridge near the Lochgelly interchange and it struck his windscreen.

Mike Thornton said that the incident occurred around 6.30pm when youths threw what turned out to be a mud ball which left a mess on hios windscreen but no more damage.

Mr Thornton on the Fife Jammers Location Facebook page said: "The Lochgelly fly-over, people throwing mud balls or something off the bridge into traffic. I was heading northbound."

He added later that the incident caused an alarming loud bang and had left him completely shaken. The behaviour was, he said, very dangerous and will eventually result in a tragedy.

This was concurred by other users of the Jammers Facebook page. One said: "Well I wonder how they'd feel if it was a relative or friend of their's that got hurt. Senseless, stupid and very much in need of some hard discipline."

Another said: "It will take a serious accident before they are caught. Obviously the school holidays find kids with nothing else to do but cause damage to anything without the parents having a clue where they are".

A third was very forceful: "They are going to end up killing someone! Kids today have no respect! They get away with everything so they do."

This latest incident followed items being thrown off the flyover near Cardenden into traffic which caused alarm to drivers.

Police Scotland advise motorists confronted with this sort of situation to report it to them via the 101 contact number.