TODAY (Saturday) MPs will be voting on Prime Minister's Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal and Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath MP Lesley Laird is to vote against the deal.

Lesley Laird MP said: “I will not be supporting Boris Johnson’s new deal.

"The deal we are being asked to vote on is a far worse deal than Theresa May’s deal. It’s a sell out – and simply paves the way to a sell off of workers’ rights, our manufacturing base and ultimately people’s jobs.

“Make no mistake this deal opens the door to a sell off of our public services ushering in a Trump take-over of our NHS, and a Canada (TTIP) type deal that will drive down standards, wages, and protections.

“All protections and rights that the collective Labour movement have fought so hard for are at risk".

The MP added: “The political declaration also shows the direction of travel this Tory Government are taking this country; towards a distant economic relationship with the EU. There is no new Customs Union or a close future relationship with the Single Market.

“Trade barriers will be the result - with a new Border in the Irish Sea there will be additional checks at our borders. This will lead to industry and business suffering – the economy will suffer – and the public will suffer.

“After three years of botched negotiations its time to Let The People Decide – any deal must go back to the people. That is what I will continue to work for to ensure that you can have the final say on Brexit.”