A DONATION of £1,000 from ExxonMobil’s Fife Ethylene Plant has been warmly welcomed by Kirkcaldy Food Bank.

The donation was made to Hamish Hamilton, from the food bank, last week when he visited the plant to meet staff who nominated the charity to benefit from its safe working practices.

Funds were raised through FEP’s Safety Incentive Scheme, where £100 is awarded each day when there are no injuries to personnel working on a project. The nominated charities are chosen directly by staff .

Thanking them for their generous donation, Mr Hamilton, a trustee, explained that it would all be spent on food.

“We currently spend £10,000 per month buying food.

"We aren't funded by government or local authorities, although we do receive assistance from Fife Council in other non-monetary ways, so we are wholly dependent upon the generosity of the businesses, community groups, faith groups and individuals for our funds.

“With our army of over 120 volunteers, we provide over 20,000 meals each month, with around a third of these being for children.”

Jeroen Koutstaal, maintenance manager at FEP, said: “We were delighted to be able to give this to Kirkcaldy Food Bank which does a tremendous amount of work helping to feed people in need living in and around the Kirkcaldy area.

“This money has come from our long standing Safety Incentive Scheme that ensures our staff and contractors are not only recognised for working safely but that charities close to their hearts benefit too.”